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Tel. : 02/650.2723

Email : Loic.Malet@ulb.ac.be


Technical skills : Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Backscatterd Diffraction


Mainly two different morphologies of martensite can be obtained in steels depending on the amount of alloying elements. The first morphology, referred to as lath martensite, forms in low alloy, low carbon steels. It is, by far, the most extensively studied form of martensite due to its industrial applications. The second morphology of martensite, referred to as plate martensite, forms in highly alloyed and in high carbon steels and in particular in Fe-High Ni alloys. In this case, the transformation product is disc shaped and internally twinned. This morphology is the only form of martensite that has the potential to exhibit shape memory properties. My work is dedicated to the comprehension of the mechanisms of the martensitic transformation in iron based alloys in general and in the crystallography of the phase transformation in particular. Our research covers both kind of morphologies through the comparative study of TRIP steels, metastable stainless steels (301LN) and Ni-rich iron alloys. The crystallography of the phase transformation is studied at different scales and makes extensive use of EBSD and TEM.









































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