Researcher : Abhishek CHANDRAMOHAN


FLYCOAT - Characterization and modeling of innovative eco-friendly coatings for aeronautical applications, a collaborative project involving multiple French-Universities and Industries of Belgium funded by the Walloon Region.

The composites in Aeronautical applications yield challenging tasks every day and one such is the adhesive. The uses of bio-sourced polymer adhesives (renewable) are preferred over other degradable plastics because the latter are primarily oil-based and are not classified as biodegradable. Therefore, it is crucial to derive a framework for the adhesion between aluminium substrate through intermediate polymer to address the problems on a microscopic level for the failure mode, which is one of the primary objectives of the project.

The goal is to shed light on important parameters that dictate the structural integrity of such multilayer, therefore the project aims at both experimental and numerical methods. The microstructures and mechanical properties of different layers will be characterized followed by a micromechanics based FEM on their behaviour.



Followed by microscopic and wear mechanisms observations, presently the experiments are on Nanoindentation and Insitu Tensile tests simultaneously. Other tests such as Impact, Thermal ageing, Bending, Corrosive, Adhesive and Pull-offs will be performed in the future primarily for energy based approaches.


Possible publications:

  1. Wear mechanisms to determine the weakest link on a bio-based composite.
  2. Nanoindenter and Nanoscratch tests on a newly developed composite with bio-based coating.
  3. Crack behaviour on a bio-based composite by insitu tensile tests.


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