• Project Brucetra : determination of the optimization collection and recycling strategies of the Brussels waste sector (industrial/residential)
  • Project WEEESOC : The main objective of the project is to optimize the preprocessing of waste electrical and electronic equipment implemented by work integration social entreprises in the Brussels-Capital Region. More broadly, the project contributes to create jobs at the destination of the Brussels workforce and to increase the overall recycling rate of metals of interest (Ta, Ga, ...). Co-operation: Germe (ULB), CF2D.Funding: Brussels-Capital Region , Anticipate 2016. Period: 2017-2020
  • Project STOCC : Thermochemical heat storage, based on hygroscopic composite materials, is a promising way to recover low temperature heat, and to reuse it depending on the market needs. In this project, it is intended to reuse heat in sanitary hot water applications. The role of ULB is to provide partners with chemical/structural characterization of materials, to make an economical and environmental assessment, as well as to solve the issue of the access to raw materials for such a high scale application.Co-operation: UMons (service de Thermodynamique), UCL, Certech, CRIC, CSTC.Funding: FEDER.Period: 2016-
  • Project ALGOTECH : The project covers a large spectrum, from the production of micro-algae, cyanobacteria (including genetic aspects), until the production of bio-combustibles, various molecules and biopolymers, as well as waste management. 4MAT participates to the second part of the project, by providing LCA. Co-operation: UMons (5 departments), ULB (2 other depts.), UCL, Materia Nova. Funding: FEDER. Periode : 2016-
  • Project CAES-CET : The project acronym stands for “Compressed Air Energy Storage Cooled by Ejector Technology”. The research is devoted to the electrical power storage, made necessary due to the intermittency of renewable energy (wind, PV). Here, the storage is made by compressing and storing air in a quasi-isotherm way. 4MAT role is to provide the consortium with LCA data. Co-operation: ULB (service ATM), UCL. Funding: FEDER. Periode : 2016-
  • Project ENERBIO : The project objective is to optimize and develop combustion micro-chambers used in cogeneration, based on natural gas and non-conventional combustibles (biogas, syngas, bio-combustibles). 4MAT participates in the project, in the LCA study.Co-operation: ULB (service ATM), UMons, UCL, CRA-W. Funding: FEDER. Periode : 2016-