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Silanes or siloxanes have been used as post treatment water repellents for concrete for a long time. They are capable of chemically reacting with the pore surfaces thus protecting the cementitious matrix from water penetration. The NISHYCEM project aims to develop a silicon-based “integral water repellent” with novel delivery system for the application concrete and mortars. The technology consists of adding a silicone or silane-based water repellent into the cementitious slurry thus providing the material with bulk waterproofing characteristics.


The first objective of the project is to fundamentally understand the physico-chemical mechanisms leading to the decrease of cement matrix mechanical properties when silane/siloxane-based admixtures are used. This knowledge will be used to identify properties or characteristics of the new additive which will be further modified in order to have no negative impact on mechanical properties.


The research focuses on the early age properties of cement pastes and mortars: (setting, evolution of the hydration kinetics, microstructure development,) and on the reaction mechanism between the silanes and cement hydration products.


The project is supported by Walloon Region.

Project partners: Dow Corning, CRIC-OCCN, Prefer, Technichem.


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Publications :

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