Pierre D'ANS

Pierre D'ANS

Post-Doc Researcher

Tel. : 02/650.3028

Email : Pierre.DAns@ulb.ac.be

Project SoTherCo & Brucetra

Ongoing projects:

  • SoTherCo project on thermochemical heat storage (FP7)

SoTherCo project consists of the design of thermochemical storage units, dedicated to store solar thermal energy. The project includes the construction of two demonstration units. ULB missions are to perform a LCA on these new systems, to study the corrosion of specific components and to participate to the chemical and structural characterization of the storage material.

  • ENECOBOIS (Wallonia, DGO4 and DGO6) and SOLARCYCLE (Wallonia, DGO6. Mecatech label): project management – details: see Vanessa Zeller and Louise Gonda’s pages.


Past projects:

  • SOLAUTARK: solar collectors and heat storage: environmental impacts, life time of storage devices and characterization of heat storage materials (2009-2013).
  • EXPESURF: expert system aimed at selecting surface treatments (2005-2009).
  • CRITERIA: selection of surface multi-treatments for wear and corrosion applications, exemplified for the foundry industry (2004-2008).


Publications Pierre D'ANS

 Publications :

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