Researchers : Vanessa ZELLER & Pierre D'ANS















The project aims at determining how the Brussels waste sector (industrial/residential) could optimize collection and recycling strategies, so as to lead to circular economy.
4MAT will first build an inventory of the waste activities in Brussels-Capital Region and attribute values to the input and output flows of waste. Then, it will comprehensively study Brussels metabolism, using mass flow analysis (MFA). Metabolic indicators will be developed, in order to understand future market trends.
Co-operations: ULB/GESTe (Gestion de l’Environnement, Société et Territoire, W. Achten), KUL/KBPRO (Onderzoeksgroep Kwantitatieve Bedrijfsprocessen, J. Beliën) and KUL/Research Centre for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (S. De Jaeger).
Funding: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, programme ANTICIPATE
Time period: 2016-2019


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