Solange VIVES

Solange VIVES

Post-Doc Researcher

Tel. : 02/650.3982

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Project AUBADE



Publications :

- La0.6Sr0.2Ca0.2Fe0.8Ni0.2O3 thin films obtained by pulsed laser ablation: Effect of the substrate on the electrochemical behavior Solid State Ionics 192 (2011) 584 I. Ruiz de Larramendi, S. Vivès, N. Ortiz-Vitoriano, J.I. Ruiz de Larramendi, M.I. Arriortua, T. Rojo

- Designing Thin Films of Redox Hydrogel for Highly Efficient Enzymatic Anodes Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (2013) G79 Emmanuel Suraniti, Solange Vivès, Seiya Tsujimura, and Nicolas Mano.

- Tailor-made Materials International Innovation n°163 (Nov. 2014) S. Gorsse, S. Vivès.

- Combinatorial approach based on interdiffusion experiments for the design of thermoelectrics: application to the Mg2(Si,Sn) alloys. Chemistry of Materials 26 (2014) 4334 S. Vivès, P. Bellanger, S. Gorsse, C. Wei, J-C. Zhao.

- Low thermal conductivity of endogenous manganese silicide/Si composites for thermoelectricity. Materials Letters 155 (2015) 41-43 S. Perumal, S. Gorsse, U. Ail, M. Prakasam, S. Vivès, R. Decourt, A.M. Umarji.

- Effect of microstructure on the thermal conductivity of nanostructures Mg2(Si,Sn) thermoelectric alloys: an experimental and modeling approach. Acta Materilia 95 (2015) 102 P. Bellanger, S. Gorsse, G. B. Granger, C. Navone, S. Vivès.

- Thermoelectric silicides: microstructure , properties, metallurgical recipes. Proceedings of the International Conference on Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials, PTM 2015 S. Gorsse, S. Vivès.

-Thermal conductivity of beta-FeSi2/Si endogenous composites formed by the eutectoid decomposition of alpha-FeSi5. Journal of Materials Science 50 (2015) 6713-6718 U. Ail, S. Gorsse, S. Perumal, M. Prakasam, A. Umarji, S. Vivès, P. Bellanger, R. Decourt.

- Multi-scale architectured thermoelectric materials in the Mg2(Si,Sn) system. Materials Letters 166 (2016) 140-144. S. Gorsse, S. Vivès, P. Bellanger, L. Laversenne, S. Miraglia, D.R. Clarke.


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