Cost-Effective, High-Efficient Micro Gas Turbine for Micro CHP Applications

Nowadays, the adoption of new measures to improve energy efficiency in all industrial areas is one of EU’s prime concerns. To achieve its target of 20% savings by 2020, the EU concentrates its efforts on the residential sector which accounts for 27% of the total EU energy consumption. High-efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems have been designated by the European Committee as a suitable technology in order to achieve its energy targets. Indeed, this alternative offers significant benefits with regard to saving primary energy, avoiding network losses and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, several technical, environmental and economic problems have restrained the spread of micro-CHP systems in the residential sector.

Therefore, the aim of the EcoJet project is to develop a low-cost micro-scale CHP system suitable for household applications. 4MAT Department (ULB) is working in partnership with ACTE S.A., specialized in manufacturing and design of heat exchangers, in order to develop a low-cost and high-efficient recuperator. The latter is used to recover the exhaust gas energy by preheating the compressed air entering the combustion chamber of the gas turbine. Our main task is to study and select different materials or coatings capable of meeting the stringent mechanical and economical requirements of the overall system.